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This pan-fried chicken breast recipe is a simple way to prepare chicken breast for a quick dinner or meal prep. It’s a simple, tasty marinade with some key umami-packed ingredients like oyster sauce and light soy sauce, as well as the key velveting ingredients of oil and cornstarch, which keeps the chicken moist and juicy. 

The result is a tasty chicken breast that is still versatile enough for salads, sandwiches, wraps, pasta, and more. 

Applying Our Velveting Technique to a Whole Chicken Breast

We’ve received so many reader comments on Bill’s post about how to velvet chicken for stir-fry. No one can believe how such a simple method yields such juicy, silky chicken!

In that case, the chicken is thinly sliced before marinating. In this recipe, we’re applying the same method to butterflied chicken breasts, with similar results: locking in flavor and moisture. 

More of you are realizing that this extra velveting step can make or break a dish. We find that cooked chicken breasts, which are used in so many applications, can be dry and lack flavor. 

This recipe ensures that you get flavorful, juicy chicken breast every time. While it does use a few Chinese ingredients, like oyster sauce, light soy sauce, and rice wine (you can also substitute a dry cooking sherry), the chicken doesn’t taste “Asian.” It can be added to any of your favorite recipes! 

Pan-fried chicken breast

How to Use This Chicken Breast

Serve this chicken breast with simple sides like brown rice and broccoli, or try it in some of these other recipes!


Do take the time (a minute or two) to work the liquid marinade into the chicken breast. As you massage the chicken with your hands, you’ll be surprised at how much liquid it can absorb! This is key to juicy chicken breast, which is very lean. 

Recipe Instructions

Carefully butterfly each chicken breast, and then separate the two halves, so that you have 4 pieces that are about half the thickness of the 2 original chicken breasts. 

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