Knights of the Chalice 2 Archmage Edition-GOG

Knights of the Chalice 2 is a 2D RPG with turn-based combat for Windows and macOS. The game uses the OGL 3.5, the set of rules at the root of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5, a role-playing game from Wizards of the Coast.

Create a party of up to six adventurers and explore the village of Finchbury and the dangerous sewer complex that lurks beneath the town. You will be able to recruit eight new companions during the course of the adventure.

The characters will soon find themselves caught up in deadly conflict with a powerful group of evil worshippers, the Circle of the Black Rose. Your epic struggle for survival and justice will culminate in the retaking of Gleegold Keep from the forces of evil.

The Archmage Edition Includes:
• Knights of the Chalice 2 (Base Game)
• Knights of the Chalice 2 – Archmage Pack (DLC)

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