Hua Juan (Chinese Flower Rolls/Scallion Buns)

Oleh : ArahQQ

Chinese hua juan, or flower rolls, are beautiful to look at and delicious. These steamed scallion buns (which can also be pan-fried for crispy bottoms), are surprisingly tasty despite their simplicity, thanks to a few simple ingredients: salt, five spice powder, and plenty of scallions. 


A long while back (March 2014), we posted this similar recipe for Chinese scallion rolls (with the unconventional addition of bacon!). 

Between now and then, however, we have learned a lot more about Chinese dough-making, and this recipe is the result of many months of recipe development and testing. 

Now that we’re all getting older, my mom wonders, in her words, “Who will be the next dough maker?” That is, her apprentice who will eventually reign over all things Chinese breads, buns, and baos. 

As the current holder of the magic touch, she’s appropriately concerned about sharing her knowledge with the next generation. (Not to mention all of you, so you can do the same).

Unsurprisingly, there’s an element of sibling rivalry to all of this. Will Sarah or I be the better maker of intricate shapes? Who will be the best gauge of proper proofing? Currently, I’ve been knee deep in mantou making, while Sarah has been a dedicated Chinese bakery bun maker and student of sourdough. 

While a winner has not yet been crowned, consider this recipe one of my entries in the race! 

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